October 14, 2009

My Meant-To-Be

Presley was born with the art of speaking, without saying a word. Also known as: smiling. He army crawls through life smiling while life just smiles back at him. Here are just a few stages of his smiling life:

Sun bathing in the backyard smile:

Happiest on his tummy smile:

Love to be with the family BIG smile:

Tickle-tickle chest smile:

Parachute peek-a-boo wa-hoo smile:

And the Piggy-back smile:

One day he will know just how much his smiles rescued me from days of exhaustion, feelings of self doubt as a mother, and always feeling guilty that my best could've been better than best. Presley is my blessing and my "meant-to-be". The world is a better and happier place with you in it. I love you...Mommy

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