January 23, 2010

Our Christmas Story

I'm back and I didn't want to continue writing in my blog without having mentioned how special our 2009 holiday season was. I felt especially blessed and thankful last year to have Presley in our lives celebrating his 1st Christmas with us. 1 month and 2 weeks later in 2010, here's what I have to report about the holidays. This is our Christmas story...

It was a very chilly holiday season. Our annual visit to our neighborhood Christmas tree lot gave us great photo ops and left our pockets full, since we ended up picking out our beautiful noble fir tree down the street at Ralphs for 1/2 the price.

We baked Huis famous holiday molasses cookies

to leave for Santa on Christmas eve including a glass of milk and a letter asking Santa to save one cookie for Truman.

We spent Christmas eve dinner at the Alexs. Presley thought it was a costume party.

We woke up to two unwrapped presents under the tree,

got dressed, and spent the afternoon with new friends...Alex the lion,

Shrek, our favorite Ogre

and Truman's best buddy, Sponge Bob who's banned from our tv.

The community of the Whos warmly welcomed us to Whoville

except the Grinch who tried to ruin Christmas.

Finally, the season came to an end in Carlsbad where we counted down to 2010 at Legoland.

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