March 26, 2010

Eat and Play

Eat and play with T, a great time yesterday. Seeing her makes me so grateful for single friends that stick around to support and root me on as I continue to embrace wifehood and motherhood. I wouldn't trade my life to relive my single girlhood days but maybe some of T's youth and energy wouldn't be so bad.

Single girlfriends make the best nannys. Presley spent some time getting to know Auntie T

while Truman found his high of the day, at the top of the slide.

Truman tried to get Presley to climb the rock wall with him

But Presley prefered to ride the zebra

and put wood chips in his mouth.

I enjoyed some quiet time driving home while my sleeping beauties crashed in the back seat.

I drove into the garage waited a couple more minutes to enjoy the sound of silence not looking forward to what lay ahead. I looked one last time at my sleeping angels, turned off the engine, and said hello to my melted-down, temper tantrummed monsters. How I wish my best nanny was with me.

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