July 11, 2010

Baby #1 turns 4

We recently hosted 19 kids and their parents for Truman's 4th birthday. This year he wanted to invite his whole preschool class! We negotiated and slimmed the list down to his "best buddies" plus family and friends outside of school...and still 19.

It was a fun filled day at the Pierce College Farm Center where we fed animals

Mined for gemstones

Rode a tractor drawn wagon

and planted tomato seeds to take home.

The kids worked up an appetite for pizza

and banana custard filled chocolate cake with whip frosting emulating our wedding cake flavors but with a Vons price tag:

Animal visors were handed out

And kids left with pail filled party favors

Planning Truman's party was especially exhausting and draining this year mainly due to morning sickness and nausea. Carrying baby #3 at 14 weeks hasn't been easy but in the end I pulled off the party. Truman had a great time and all was worth the work for my baby #1.


  1. Congratulations on baby #3! And congratulations on planning and pulling off the party...even not-pregnant, that's stressful. I love the pails :)

    congrats to your biggest boy and to your whole beautiful family! You are very brave and strong to do so very much so very beautifully!


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