September 11, 2010

Summer Highlights

Truman starts pre-k on Monday which means farewell to Summer 2010. With Truman out of school I was anticipating a very long 3 months but time flew. He had his first summer camp experience for 6 weeks so that kept him busy and kept me sane. We planned play dates and park dates. Attended an all high record of preschool kiddie parties and even threw one ourselves. The rest of Summer went something like this...

We biked,

We swam,

We danced,

And played with lots of crayons.

The boys got their outdoor playground

I got my console table for the entry and David...well...he just payed for everything.

We kissed

And we cried.

We made a life

And watched life grow.

What else can I say but we are happy and healthy in a crazy household with baby #3 coming to make it even crazier. In between my reoccurring meltdowns and yelling matches with the boys, I'm making a conscience effort to always remember the day-to-day blessings in my life like being thankful that our neighborhood school offers a FREE pre-k program for Truman so we don't have to pay preschool private tuition fees anymore. Presley has not had a recurring febrile seizure since the one earlier this summer. Most importantly, David is still employed and continues to be madly in love with me.

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  1. your life as usual looks beautiful ! Hope you are feeling well and getting some rest


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