November 17, 2010

1st Visit

I finally did it. I made the drive, risked waiting in long lines, dealt with over-crowded-ness just for the sake of taking the boys to Disneyland for the 1st time. Jade and I braved the excursion by ourselves managing 2 boys and 2 toddlers while leaving the husbands at the office. Although, we had some help from Eva who brought her adorable Ayla to be surrounded by handsome men on her birthday:

The boys went crazy for anything they could climb especially after a huge ice cream cone sugar rush:

But Truman said the real highlight was meeting Mickey. The boys talked and searched all day for him when we finally found him at his house:

I think Mickey was impressed that they proudly wore their "1st Visit" buttons. I'm a firm believer now that the happiest place on earth can make two brothers set aside their differences for one day to love each other unconditionally.

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  1. How inspiring! I have yet to talk Eddie into going, maybe this evidence of success will be enough to convince him!

    P.S. You look fabulous!


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