February 11, 2011

Portia Yun Ching Hui

Today marks 4 weeks from January 14, 2011 since Portia Yun Ching Hui came into our world weighing in at 6 lbs. 10.4 oz. and 20" tall.

The boys came to visit me the next day. Truman was so proud to have a baby sister and couldn't wait to put Portia in his arms:

While Presley couldn't wait to put his hands all over her:

I cheered when I got to go home after only spending 2 nights at the hospital but cheered louder when David and I fit all 3 seats...in our car...in a row.

Portia went home wearing blue and till my eyes adjusted to all the new pink clothes, she was still wearing blue in the days to follow:

Portia had a clean bill of health at her 1 month Dr. apt today. She's now at 8 lbs 2 oz, 21.5" tall, and now wearing lots of pink.

The boys got their sister, I got the family I always dreamed of, and David finally got his princess:


  1. Congratulations! Welcome, Portia!
    Annie (my daughter) still wears all the blue hand-me-downs from her brother...it's amazing what a little hair bow or a pair of girlie socks can do to a very boyish outfit :)

  2. she is beautiful! and I must get a package in the mail, i have much pink I want to get to you before she is too big to wear it!


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