March 05, 2011

Pup Pup Puuray!

All the new baby transitions in the home are becoming the norm now and preschool obligations, breast feeding round-the-clock, numerous dr. appointments for the kids, and just trying to keep 2 little active boys happy have kept me away from journaling. In the midst of all the semi-calm chaos we celebrated a very special birthday for a very special 2 year old:

Presley's love for puppies led me to plan a puppy party to celebrate the big day:

Although that day he was less impressed and more interested in bats and wagons:

Pizza was served for lunch at the big boys table:

Followed by his puppy pull cupcake:

All the kids left with edible puppy chow and a little souvenir which lately, the boys have enjoyed eating cereal out of:

His actual birthday dinner was a big mouthful of sushi:

And an ice cream sundae with a side of edamame topped off the evening celebration:

Happy Birthday to my pretty-boy who has all the makings of a heart breaker. My time will come when you do finally give your heart away. The ache will be bearable but for sure, a sadness I will learn to overcome. For now, I will keep your heart in my hands for as long as I can and treasure you all to myself. I love you always Presley.

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  1. Letty, I can't believe you pulled together a homemade cake + puppy chow + a party all after just having another baby...when Annie was born, I delegated all bday plans to Cindy. Well done.


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