September 30, 2011

Say Cheeze-ball

The prince got his haircut yesterday (just in time for pictures at school today). With all the jello and boogers coiffed in his hair, he gave me some cheeze which he calls his super cool look:

Then more cheeze when this innocent, cute face called for squint eyes, pouted lips, and tilted shoulders:

After some pampering at the salon I treated the prince to his favorite meal of all...McDowell's, I mean McDonald's:

Portia and I even got in on the cheeziness when the prince wanted to snap photos of us:

It was a beautiful morning even though my other prince was at preschool. I do miss him when he's gone but forgot just how easy 2 was.

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  1. What a great mommy, a haircut, lunch, and documantation of the whole date!


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