January 27, 2012

Lucky girl

We just celebrated Portia's 1st birthday. It's good to be 1 and here's why she's one lucky girl...

She was born with a full head of hair that any aging woman would desire:

She can wear anything from nautical outfits:

To her brothers hand me down clothes and still look like a major cutie:

She has the figure to wear skinny jeans:

And long, lean legs to wear leg warmers in stars:

And stripes:

She was born into a family of handsome protectors:

Who give her tons of hugs:

She likes to follow their lead but once in a while they let her sit in the drivers seat:

Portia even has someone who loves brushing her hair and can't even stop fixing it in public:

What more can a girl ask for than a very special angel watching over her:

She is one lucky girl who has one lucky Mom. To the girl who has everything, Happy Birthday! May you always know how blessed your life is.

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  1. Love the part about her angel. I have a story I tell my kids about my mom. She's their guardian angel. Always watching and protecting.


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