January 02, 2012

Surviving the holidays

Tonight was the last night of David's holiday staycation. We were stuffed full of dinner


and lots of memories. We kicked off the season with 1 holiday card photo session. Some were not as happy about it as the others. Out of 29 shots, only 1 was good enough to make the cut (this one was not it):

We watched a Christmas performance of 1 elf and 23 singing elves:

3 toys were donated to Toys for Tots:

1 afternoon making 1 gingerbread house:

Witnessed 1 couple in love:

There was a 2nd photo session on Christmas morning:

Followed by 1 private session since we didn't make it to the mall to see Santa:

What's the holiday season without snow:

Or digging for fossils:

And what better way to kick off new years than to have 1 ice skating experience

on the eve with family:

Happy, happy 2012. It's going to be 1 great year.

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