February 07, 2012

Lazy sunday

I love lazy days. The kind of days where I'm not in a time crunch to be somewhere or get things done. I slow down and appreciate what's right in front of me.

I allow the boys to go out in their sweats (called stay-at-home pants) and we go to the park. Truman is "digging a hole for the lava so I can build a volcano on top of it for when it erupts, help me mama". I help with honor and excitement:

Presley has found rocks and calls it "treasure for mommy". This calls for a kiss, of course:

Before we left, Presley found a stick in the sand and does his impersonation of Star Wars' Yoda (a.k.a Yoda Soda). This makes me laugh:

Watching the boys roll around thinking about how the inside of the car will be sprinkled in sand and the hardwood floors at home awaits dirt from their sandy toes after taking off their sand filled shoes, I let go and relax. God is whispering telling me to enjoy these simple, playful moments in the boys life that they will soon out grow. I appreciate their spunk, silliness, and sound of their laughter. I do see what's right in front of me:

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