March 23, 2012

The last months of Winter

Here I go once again trying to document a whole season all in one journal posting. Winter was cold and rainy but left me all warm and fuzzy inside. Here are my top favorites like when we surprised the paleontologist to a dino fair field trip:

There was an extravagent Japanese dinner that was prepared for me on Valentine's day. The best part, I didn't have to cook:

The boys have finally stopped complaining about going to Church. Could it be because of their weekly after Sunday school muffin bribery:

We almost brought another baby into the house after visiting an animal shelter:

I proved to the boys that Mom can take them to the Home Depot workshop and build race cars without the help of the handy husband:

After a 15 year'ish culinary fail, I mastered a perfect tah-dig:

One night a leprechaun roamed our house leaving a trail of coins and green wrapped hershey kisses. Our St. Patty's day trap pictured below failed but Truman has already constructed another trap for next year:

I found out that Presley has a natural ability to hold a firearm:

Portia has joined Presley's friends in his monthly snack day:

Truman had his first adult haircut at a real barbershop:

The season came to an end at Truman's 2nd honor roll assembly where Portia and I were his biggest supporters:

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