May 01, 2013

Being a lefty is all right

I was so proud when Truman was referred by his teacher to be tested as Gifted/Talented.  Sometimes it's hard to see a high performance student.  All he wants to do at home is build Legos and when it's time to sit down to do homework the war begins.  Fire has ignited and grenades have exploded.  But when a peace treaty is made his intellectual abilities are clearly there.  Him being a lefty is a reminder that it's all right in his advanced world:

Every morning I say, "be amazing!" as Truman walks out the door for school.  Be amazing is more than good grades and testing well.  It's striving to be your best, be a leader, make an effort, show kindness, and love your friends. I hope it's resonating in this 6 year old's left-handed, right side brain of his.  

I have a new favorite quote to share with the kids, "Don't tell me you can't reach the stars when there are footprints on the moon".  Isn't that inspiring? So tomorrow as Truman walks out the door for school I will tell him again, "be amazing" and then add "put footprints on the moon today" and of course, "have fun".

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