June 18, 2013

Jack's Day

It was Father's Day so I'm going to write about my Dad.  This is Jack.  He is 70.  He has new veneers and new corneas.  Overall, he's in top-notch condition.  He has a genuine heart.  He is a simple, modest man.  He is holy and humble.  He falls asleep on the couch and behind the wheel a lot.  He has a social and travel calender that people my age would envy.  A long list of friends for which he doesn't need Facebook to connect to.  He also has four grandsons and one granddaughter.  This is what a grandfather and five grand kids look like when you tell them, "family picture time":

It's chaotic, out of place, out of focus.  But that's what makes my dad so wonderful.  He's flexible and willing to go along with the kids unwillingness to never stand still.  I love this Gung Gung.

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