December 06, 2013

What are we doing for the holiday card?

It's that time of year again when I ask that burning question. David rolls his eyes and the kids cry on cue. We've never EVER had a professional photo session.  We are not the matching white t-shirts/khaki family. Some people call my family photos creative.  I call it being cheap.

The shoots involve the EVIL mom in me coming out.  The kids pose for how ever long it takes to get the right shot. There's usually crying, whining, and hunger pains.  It's REALLY painful for all of us involved. Here is a series of my cheap creativity at work:

2012 - Last year's photo session took place in our front yard.  I promised them McDonald's afterward if they would "PLEASE DO THIS FOR ME!!" After fifty-plus takes, one finally made it to print:

Cheers holiday card 2012

2011 - We had just finished brunch at Jades when we decided to location scout in Culver City.  We found a random building on a random street to take pictures in front of.  This was trespassing but I do what it takes to get the "money shot":

Be Merry Holiday card 2011

2010 - Cabo!! Wet photo session on the beach.  David rescued Truman from a drowning incident soon after this photo was taken.  I started researching swimming lessons when we got home.  I was 7 1/2 months pregnant with Portia.  It's bad luck to put an unborn baby on the card according to David:

Warmest Holiday card 2010

2009 - Photo booth shoot at home equipped with silly props and a hodge-podge of dress up clothes.  Male models were difficult and hard to work with:

Play, Laugh, Be Merry Holiday card 2009

2008 - So many things went into making this card: L.A. Zoo backdrop. Matching hats.  Matching stripes. Heavy lifting.  Lots of tickles.  And a scarf.  We decided not to include Presley on the card.  Remember!! David says it's bad luck:

Wild Christmas Holiday Card 2008

2007 - We were driving around looking for holiday decorations.  The Marriott Hotel had beautiful tree lights. This is when our trespassing days began:

Joyful Holiday Card 2007

The kids will one day understand I was just an amateur photographer with just one thing in mind...trying to bring out the best in my models. Surely they will look back at these cards and apologize to me for being so difficult.  Happy Holidays kids!!

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