May 17, 2014

Truman's 2nd grade Open House

Sometimes I need a little piece of Open House to prove Truman is working his heart out.  I was proud, impressed, and asking, "is this my son???"

Here are just a few of his accomplishments.

"WELCOME" it's open house:

Welcome in Chinese letters

Where in the world are you from?

A Yangochuanosaurs was found there too!

An amateur golfer naturally chooses Tiger Woods for their African American project:

Count Olaf can-a-character sighting from The Series of Unfortunate Events:

Count Olaf Can-A-Character

A splash of Adele Weber:

Adele Weber

"I painted the whole sky Mama!"

Fossil making and casting:

Fossil casting

Made, groomed, raised this T-Rex:

Truman loves giving us his classroom tour and pointing out all his work. This is one of the few times I get to see this meek and modest boy "show off".  He has so much skill and talent to share that I secretly wish you could see this showy side more often!

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