May 18, 2014

This week in pictures | May 12-18, 2014

Little boy blue:

I know what you're thinking.  I don't care:


My favorite part of an Iris bloom is when the petals peel back to reveal its yellow tongue:

Presley's friend Emi came over to play.  After he left, Presley asked, "What are Dodgers Mommy?"

Cute font my booty coach used on this week's instagram photo! These ladies inspire and motivate me to show up every week:

Hair patch.  How does she see??

David worked from home so I could spend ALL day with Truman at Underwood Farms.  This is his last school field trip of the year.  It was such a treat that I went ALL HELICOPTER mom on him!!

See Truman hurdle:

See Truman run:

See Truman crawl:

See Truman kneel:

See Truman jump:

I left out...See Truman with alpacas, See Truman with goats, and See Truman with cows.

David's version always looks yummier than mine:

The best way to get landscaping design ideas is from your own neighborhood.  Me and her do a lot of touching and trespassing together:

You know that feeling when you pick a random melon hoping "this is the one"? Well, it was!! Super sweet and juicy!!

Milk does a kitty good:

Cousin Aidan slept over.  Changing into your jammies, brushing your teeth:

and getting into bed together is the best part of slumber parties:

Her excited game/performance face:

I wish I had her dress in my size:

At a "greasy spoon" cafe for breakfast.  It was just o.k.  I should have ordered Today's Special - Fried Chicken & Waffle:

His front left tooth is about to fall out.  Any day now...

David is rearranging his corner of a man cave.  He has cuter socks than I do.  No fair!!

Happy weekend!

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