June 26, 2014

You give me the creeps bunny

Celebrating the first official week of summer means saying goodbye to spring and our dear friends, the Easter bunnies.  We've met a few friendly, formal wearing, furry creatures in the past.  Although creepy in a kidnapping kids kind of way, I can't pass up free photo ops.  

So let me introduce you to white bunny, brown bunny, and polka-dot bunny:

easter bunny photos

We went to visit the polka-dot bunny three more years after that:

easter bunny photos

Presenting your royal highness bunny:

easter bunny photos

And this year we met red suede shoes bunny.  I know Truman is just itching to punch him in the gut:

easter bunny photos

When that happens, I'll be ready for the shot.  Then Truman will apologize to the furry monster, we'll get in the car, and laugh uncontrollably all the way home.

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