June 30, 2014

Junior golf camp

Our schedule last week was something like this:

summer school
golf camp
repeat...for five days

On day 1, how was I going to make it to day 5?

I sign them up for activities or plan things for them to do to gain new experiences and opportunities.  But as the days lead up to the big event, I often ask myself, "What was I thinking?" I don't over schedule but I'm guilty of cramming in activities to make the most of our days...ESPECIALLY in summer.  

Sometimes I underestimate how relaxed things will go.  This was one of them.  Spending time with the kids in the great green outdoors watching them laugh and have fun.  What could be better?

If only I had eyes on my back:

I wouldn't have to worry about missing Truman swing on the range:

or see Presley practicing his putting:

Then, I could watch Portia more closely to make sure she doesn't fall backwards from wearing her clubs:

Being in three places at one time is obviously challenging:

Overall, it was a thrilling five days of golf camp for the whole family!

Presley even took home the bronze medal for the 18 hole putting tournament.  He may not look excited:

But I know he was feeling like this on the inside:

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