February 12, 2015

You make my heart pop

Staying true to my 2015 resolution to stop procrastinating, my Valentine mini microwave popcorn bags are done (early for a change)!! 

Valentine microwave popcorn

Ralphs sold boxes of 10 mini bags for $2.99.  That's approx. $0.30/treat (and I had to make 70!).  Too much? Perhaps...

Valentine microwave popcorn

Look how cute these mini bags are though!!

I took inspiration from a Valentine tag designed by Simply Kierste when she made popcorn lollipops (Kierste is SO creative and a mom of 6...what!!??).  I just included a popcorn background to add more POP and a "from" area so the boys could sign it.

Valentine microwave popcorn

There's always a moment during prep when I acknowledge how much ink is being wasted, paper being used, money and time being spent.  But we all do crazy things in the name of LOVE.  Don't you agree?

Valentine microwave popcorn

I love using glue sticks instead of tape for a more seamless seal:

Valentine microwave popcorn

I still can't believe Presley is writing and able to sign his own name now!

Valentine microwave popcorn

Happy Valentine's Day!

Click here to download the free printable Valentine popcorn label!


  1. you make MY heart pop!!! these are awesome and such an inspiration that you have time for this while raising 3 kiddos!!! thanks for all the love you are putting out into the world <3

    1. Wow! That's the nicest thing anyone has said to me all week!! Thank you so much for your comment!!


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