February 24, 2015

Why you need childless friends

No one can argue having quality friendships make life rich and full.  But childless friends is a serious asset in my life.  Taking a little break from having "baby on the brain" is so reinvigorating. Having infertile conversations is refreshing too.  Although my kids are the heart and soul of my being, my childless friends pull me out from my stay-at-home mom rut at times when I need a little R&R.  

I love hearing them talk about exotic vacations they're taking or activities they're doing while taking mental notes to possibly do with David or the kids when they get older.  My favorite thing to do with them is meeting up at a new restaurant over-the-hill for a yummy meal and juicy girl talk.

Blue Plate Oysterette Los Angeles Los Angeles meets New England at this beachy chic seafood restaurant

Sometimes I feel out-of-touch being a stay-at-home mom in the San Fernando Valley not knowing the latest buzz going on outside my community.  This is where my girlfriends do a great job keeping me up-to-date on current trends and the present pop culture scene.

And if anything it's so fun going out with bright lipstick and wearing my fancier shoes.

(Picture taken at Blue Plate Oysterette Los Angeles)

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