March 31, 2015

Golden child

I'm not ashamed to admit I have a favorite...of the month, a week, or even a day.

It's been Presley for a while now.  He is such a sunshine, my ray of light.  He's like the puffy cloud at the end of a rainbow...soft and pure.

He should be awarded the Newbery and Caldecott medals of love letters:

He's been filling up my heart with gummy bears and I haven't been able to suck just one:

Presley is the nice guy who I hope will finish first:

Expressing how he feels is one of his greatest qualities.  Presley has a way with words that makes me gain back hope when at times I feel lost in this whole motherhood thing.

"Mommy, I've been watering your plant so it will grow big and beautiful like you."

"Your chicken is so yummy I can't stop eating it."

"Your nails are so pretty."

"My heart broke in a million pieces.  Portia called me Stupid Presley."

"Your food is so delicious."

"I'm going to build you the most giant beach house in the world."

"You're beautiful. I like your make-up."

The other two are gaining popularity but they have lots of work to do if they want to compete with the golden child.

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