May 20, 2015

Domos in the mist

If you follow any Japanese food artist, you know that Domo is a required mascot in most edible portfolios. Domo in bento boxes.  Domo katsu.  Domo donuts.  Domo on curry.  It's so dang CUTE!!

My need to craft Domo has been in preproduction for years.  I was fearful of not giving this brown, furry monster the love and attention his sawtoothed mouth deserved...until now.  

While shopping in the frozen aisle, I came across these alien shaped chicken nuggets based on the Boov race in the movie Home. I found my Domo body and the rest is history!  

Domo dangling from trees in the rain forest just made sense:

Domo food art and edible art

{Ingredients: Banquet chicken nuggets, Mott's fruity rolls, string cheese, raisins, asparagus, and cashews}

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