June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

There are three things I DON'T do: iron, bbq, and touch craw fish.  So today, I celebrate the man who irons my clothes, peels my shrimp, and puts meat on the grill.  If we're being real, he's a better husband than father.  And that's o.k. by me.  He puts me first, loves me first. That's the best gift he can show and give our kids:

Back when we were dating he stole my heart and sealed the deal when he said he wanted five kids too.  We only made it to three, thus far.  He never said they couldn't have four feet.

So before he has to make that long commute tomorrow morning to go off to an industry he's worked tirelessly at to support a family, I love you, appreciate you, and see everything you do for us...Happy 8 years of Father's Days!

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