October 04, 2015

Just yummy

Can you believe it's October? Talk of Halloween is here and what costumes I'm convincing my kids to wear over again.  Loads of candy will be trickling in soon but as I look back at September, she filled our hearts and tummys quite nicely too.  If you look carefully YUMMY is around us all the time.

YUMMY like Presley

YUM-YUM Donuts

Yum Yum Donuts


Dim Sum at Capital Restaurant in Monterey Park

YUMMY in my tummy

Shabu Shabu = Yummy Yummy

Mizu 212 for shabu shabu on Sawtelle in Little Osaka

Oh my, YUMMY pie!

McDonald's Fried Pies

Not so YUMMY

I think he's YUMMY

Once was YUMMY

ALL so so so YUMMY

Their definition of YUMMY

Birds think you're YUMMY

Praying mantis

YUMMY banana muffins under way

I could eat my YUMMY baked fried chicken every day

 YUMMY prep

Homemade granola bars

 YUMMY mix

Homemade granola bars

Goes YUMMY chocolate fix

Homemade granola bars with chocolate chips

Finally, YUMMY stixs

Easy homemade granola bars

YUMMY cheeks

Kisses on the cheek

Setting YUMMY on fire

Healthy Bites in Burbank for great Mediterranean food

like David's YUMMY BBQ desires

Grilling bulgogi

Have you seen or tasted YUMMY lately?

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