October 28, 2015

October happenings

The spirit of Halloween came late for me this year.  I don't why.  I'm dragging my feet.

Maybe because I can't get over my break-up with summer...still!

Although I cinched on decorations using crappy, bare-boned stuff we've had from previous years, the kids still appreciate the novelty of decorating the house.

I found some great favor ideas.  This got me excited about Halloween.

Cute inflatables on the next aisle over.

Unlike me, Portia is ALL into FALL.

Falling in love with her new school friends, that is.

Her social life has taken a turn for the better.

She gets so excited about play dates and birthday parties now where as last year she wasn't quite ready to let anyone in.

I've been busy touring middle schools.  Not fun.

And going on field trips with Presley.  So fun.

I just love first grade.  I think it's my favorite year.

I feel disconnected in fourth grade.  He's become more independent and I can't deal.

I mean, he's still loosing BABY teeth!!

Sound sleepers.  No problemo, tooth fairy.

There's been jaw dropping T.V. followed by flu shots for all:

She still loves her teddy bears and dolls.

While I'm having Mommies-Do-Breakfast withdrawals.

Sunny golf days.

Jackson Pollock.

and David's old-school discipline that sucks.

What else is going on? My pimples seem here to stay.

Maybe I need some horse fat to make it go away.

As she gets older, people are saying she looks so much like me!

Hey look, it's Portia's first family tree!!!

Let's talk about November soon! XO!!

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