December 12, 2015

November in review

It would be proper etiquette to post November pics before I upload December pics, right?'s a glimpse of what our November looked like.

Taking cover.


Dining out.

Leftover cookie dough saved for a rainy day.

Shocker alert! One morning they made and packed their own lunch.

Right-side bed head.




The boys entered the IKEA soft toy drawing competition.

Truman's Bobby.

Presley's Tommy.

We went to watch a volleyball game with Presley's friends at UCLA...fight...fight...fight...fight.

Volleyball players are T A L L!!!

I wore my glasses out.  It was Sunday.





Loads of salad intake.

Trying to loose weight but my breakfast dates with know.

A boba cafe opened in our neighborhood.  I'm super happy with their milk tea!

Teacher/parent conference week.  I got to watch the boys play on the yard in the early a.m.



Fish and shrimp teppanyaki!

We celebrated our 11 year anniversary with the kids.

Truman took this one.

Presley's pictures are always off centered.

And Portia doesn't have steady hands.

Two days later we had our celebration, just the two of us.

Morning of Thanksgiving.

After Thanksgiving.

Afternoon walk.

 Enjoying the sun...them too!

We're actively looking to adopt!

Words to live by.

Happy smiles to you!

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