January 14, 2016

Surviving winter break

Since week two of the three week winter break, I've been counting down the days to when the kids would be back on the bus and schlepped back to school.  There's been more screaming and fist-fighting than ever.  Sibling feuds has reached an all time high!  

But on the eve of their return date, I had that aching feeling.  It turns out that the house is finally quiet again but why do I miss the doors being slammed? The sink is empty but I miss all the dirty dishes from our afternoon breakfasts. Even the pillows and cushions are perfectly fluffed again but I miss the smooches and snuggles.

While it was a mad funhouse for three weeks, we did make unforgettable memories and of course, kept childhood traditions going.   I went to the movies with my sister and brother just like we used to when we were kids.  I got to see my friends.  My kids got to see their friends.  We had endless hours of day trips and some interesting evening trips.  One of us lost a tooth.  Christmas was magical and New Years Eve was spent binge watching Homeland with David!

Those were some highlights.  Now, some in between moments...

Dim sum!!

Dim Sum at Harbour Village restaurant
More buns.

ROC restaurant sweet buns on Sawtelle
Post office runs.



California Science Center
Day dreamer.


Inside the tent at the Rose parade preview
More flowers.

Inside the tent at the rose parade preview in Pasadena
Rose parade preview.

Rose parade preview in Pasadena
Rose Bowl at dusk.

Rose bowl at night
New Lego.

New Books.

I LOVE the way he looks.

Last Christmas tree photo op of 2015.

Happy Noon Years at Discovery Cube L.A.
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Happy Noon Years at Discovery Cube L.A.


Happy Noon Years at Discovery Cube L.A.

New Year!

Happy Noon Year at Discovery Cube L.A.

At noon!

Hansen Dam park
I found my sacred place.

Gummy Bears at Lolli and Pops
and a new favorite destination.

Randy's Donuts
I also discovered that fast food indoor play areas still exist.

Chick-fil-a indoor play area

And old school menu boards serving the BEST homestyle soul food EVER.

Mama's BBQ southern homestyle soul food in Van Nuys

Yolanda Lights in Reseda
Lights at the end of my tunnel.

Yolanda Lights in Reseda

Hope your winter break was mad, crazy, fun too!!

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