January 05, 2016

The joy of (semi)less in 2016

Have you read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up...wait there's more...The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Maria Kondo? Maximal amounts of words trying to teach a minimal lifestyle.  I've heard so much about it so I'm putting it on my "books to read list in 2016".

I wouldn't be surprised if it's on Amazon's best selling book list right now.  That's the beauty of the new year.  I feel motivated to start fresh.  Start over.  Make changes.  Or try to improve on things I normally suck at.  So, I've decided to be better at purging, giving up more and living with less. Tossing material excess that doesn't spark joy as Maria Kondo swears may bring happiness.

But first, let's forget about important life-changing, life-altering habits and talk STAR WARS!!

We surprised the kids and joined forces with the rest of the world on opening weekend.

Star Wars The Force Awakens
Jade was able to get a whole row for us!

Star Wars The Force Awakens
Indulging in the complete movie experience.

Star Wars The Force Awakens
Right before the rain in Downtown Culver City.

David gotta get rain boots too!

The sky cleans up like new.

Adventures will continue in 2016.

I want to travel more.  (First stop, to see our cousins in Boston!)

Think unexpectedly.

And continue to teach the kids to dream BIG!

No more extra-curricular activities on school nights (for now).

Which means no more doing homework in dark holes.

As far as my patience level progress, my achievement is low but my effort is high!

I have more LOVE to give than ever.

And plenty to go around.

Acquire semi-less.  Have more movie nights.  Surround yourself with family and friends.

That's the key to happiness.

Griffith Park Merry Go Round

However, the Mercedes Benz G-Class SUV could spark endless joy and make me REALLY, REALLY HAPPY.


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