February 19, 2016

Seven is here

Birthday balloons

Seems like two years ago, o.k. maybe two weeks ago that my sweet, sweet toothless, already fitting into his big brother's clothes Presley turned SEVEN.

My love grows like a weed when I think of him and my heart pumps out of my chest when I think about his gentle soul.  We'd be living in a rainbow, sprinkled universe if he passed out a piece of his goodness to everyone.  He's the best of our family.  And if he wasn't so humble and kind he'd see that he's actually the CENTER of our family.

Here's a peak from Presley's birthday...

Birthday cinnamon rolls!!

Pillsbury birthday cinnamon rolls with Star Wars toppers

Lately, it's been a tradition to have morning Pillsbury cinnamon rolls on the kid's birthdays!

Pillsbury birthday cinnamon rolls with Star Wars toppers

We spent the day at Universal City Walk.

Universal City Walk

Kung Fu Panda 3 was really cute!!

Universal City Walk

It was gloomy.

Universal City Walk


Universal City Walk

And sunny (not in any particular order).

Universal City Walk

Macho nachos lunch.

Hard Rock Cafe at Universal City Walk

Social media bunch.

Hard Rock Cafe at Universal City Walk

Social anxiety moment.  Being the center of attention makes my kids feel awkward.

I told Presley that it's o.k. to let friends celebrate how special you are.

He hosted his favorite breakfast.

I made his favorite dinner.  Japanese curry, chicken cutlet, Spam musubi, and miso soup with tofu.

Horizontal view.

Spam Musubi

 Vertical view.  Cause why not? It's so yummy!!

Spam Musubi

It wouldn't be a complete birthday celebration without Truman getting his photo bomb in during cake time.

Star Wars The Force Awakens birthday sheet cake

When we picked up Presley's Star Wars cake, it was the first time he had seen it. His mouth dropped. His eyes widen. And with a gasp he threw his arms around my waist and said, "Thank you mommy so much! I love my cake. Thank you mommy! Thank you mommy!"

I felt victorious and it made every momzilla moment I've ever had insignificant.  He showed me gratitude and such appreciation for a lousy supermarket sheet cake that seemed to him worth hundreds of dollars.  We just stood there in the middle of the Ralph's bakery section holding each other.  I wanted to cry.

Happy 7th Birthday Presley!!


  1. Magical moments! It's always interesting to see what the kids value most,

    1. ...and what we least expect. So happy you're still following along growing up hui!


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