June 08, 2016

Five days a week

Here's what we look like at dinner!

Since my role of child-bearer nine years ago, I've had innumerable slip-ups.  But if I've done one thing right as a mother it's that I've made family dinner a priority.  We all sit down together.  No electronics.  No toys allowed.  No distractions.  Always milk.  Always in their designated seats.

It's 25 minutes out of the day I can control. It's structured time in our schedule that gives the kids routine and a reminder what's important...coming together as a family.  David's work schedule doesn't allow him home for dinner but he gets a nice reheated plate.

We don't eat out or take-in during the week unless we're celebrating a birthday or special occasion. And weekends are saved for going out to eat! Even when sports practice runs late I'm racing home to prep chicken or stir-fry vegetables.  I rely on my 24" crappy yet sturdy oven a lot.  My crock pot has been my strong right arm and my rice cooker makes everything from Spanish rice to shivid polow. My meals are not completely organic nor do we always meet the suggested servings from each group of the food pyramid but it's edible and home cooked.  I'm proud of that.

I hope the kids will look back at these photos and remember their time together.  The best part of family dinner is hearing their answers to the question I ask every night at the table, "What's the best thing that happened to you today?"

What did I meal plan for this particular week?

Monday - pork tenderloin w/pesta pasta (plain for Truman)
Tuesday - just so happened to be tacos
Wednesday - rigatoni w/meat sauce (snuck in red quinoa)
Thursday - chicken chimichangas w/spanish rice & beans
Friday - pizza (I remembered the dough!)

Side note: I still haven't mastered refried beans so that's one food we eat out of the can.  With many attempts I just can't imitate the creamy and smooth, probably filled with lard, restaurant-style refried beans we all love.  I'm open for suggestions or recipes!


  1. You are awesome and made such a smart move, they are always going to remember these meals and the love you seasoned them with.

    1. I hope so! Thank you once in a blue moon mama!


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