August 02, 2016

One Big Happy

...JULY, reigning supreme over all summer months.  Ahhhh, July was warm and radiant.  She's a party girl who doesn't believe in curfews and schedules.  She's covered in red, white, and blue all neatly wrapped around vacations without a #2 pencil in sight.  

Despite annihilation looming over me as I count down to August 16 we'll continue to wear our swim suits with honor and slurp popsicles till the very last drop.

This is our One Big Happy July...


Golf medals.

Pillow forts.

Visiting with far away friends!

Lego twins.

Apple camp.

David bought me a new vacuum cleaner.

And bought himself a new waffle maker.

I officially became an executive member at Costco.

Ice cream adventures.


Growing poinsettias in summer.

Every day has been a swim day...with neighborhood friends.

New friends.

And old friends.

Wet massages.



Night out with the girls!

We had a savory seafood dinner...

with yummy tidbits in between.

Wall art.

Foam art.  The girls kept me out till 3 a.m.!

I feel so liberated after a night out.  Then motherhood happens.

I find myself wiping tears again.

Because somebody doesn't like going to the dentist.

Swimming lessons are coming to an end.

swim lessons at calabasas swim and tennis center

We only missed one class.

towing from west hills towing

Getting a loaner is such a treat.  We always make the best of it.

Local road trip to Simi Valley.

The Hat in Simi Valley

Honk if you love The Hat!

The Hat in Simi Valley

I thought of you on this day Joanna P.!!

Chili cheese fries at the The Hat in Simi Valley

Chili fries + $3.75 movie tickets = BEST DAY

Perfect day eating at The Hat and watching a movie at Simi Valley 10 Theaters

David and I were trying to remember the last time we were at a sushi bar all by ourselves.  Many, many, many, years ago.

oysters and drinks before Jason Bourne

It was a great date night with Jason Bourne!!

Hope your summer has been One Big Happy too!

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