August 14, 2016

Summer break has left the building

I'm feeling reflective(again) because it's the last Sunday of summer break.  What does that mean for me? Lazy will no longer be respectable. Knowing what day it is will matter.  Extra curricular activities will come at me all at once and I'll have to figure out how to factor it in our weekly schedule again.  It means being colorless is a healthier lifestyle option even when the sun already took five years off my life.  Reversing the damage will be difficult.

You know my absolute favorite part about summer were our summer nights frolicking on our front porch, romping around our street, or inviting friendly sidewalk strays into our home.  We got to bump into neighbors we never met.  Even Mr. Pickles met some new fur friends in the neighborhood.  I loved seeing our fellow homeowners and exchanging warm feelings and stories of wonderment.  

During sundown we got yogurt drunk.  It's a thing.

We dined on our deck in our swim suits...

To make it easy to get right back in the pool when we finished.

We grabbed popsicles for the road.

Or sat on our back door slurping in slow mode.

It was Pickles first summer.

He's happy with us.  I'm sure.

We messed around in our neighbors backyards.

Produced some late night, playful selfies.

 Kept dinner conversations under wraps.

And catched more sticky drips on our laps.

Kudos to summer break...But now is the time to grow up again, be that responsible adult I know I am and start writing those school fundraising checks.

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