January 08, 2017

Holiday recap 2016

Happy 2017 guys!! I can't believe another year is over and a new beginning is on the horizon.  This means another year added to my blog which makes it nine years since I launched growing up hui.

Thank you for following along, for finding our little speck appealing in this mega virtual world, and for listening to me moan and groan about motherhood.  I know I'm lucky.  My kids are healthy.  I'm still married.  I have central heating and cozy slippers to snuggle our toes in.  And my dog thinks I'm bad ass.

I recently glanced over bits/pieces of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. The last time I read his book was in college! It really stuck and I'm ready to commit to a few 2017 goals for myself. Not for my kids or David but for MYSELF.

Enough about reflection and cheers to a new year.  I wish you an abundance of progress, hope, and much love. Now for another growing up hui holiday edition...

Parents top-secret stop to Target at wee hours.  Plus Sensodyne pick-up for David.

Holiday breaks always include doctors appointments.

Library run..."Where Willy Went...the big story of a little sperm".  Too early?

Power reclining for the first time.  Comfy as everyone says it is.

Christmas was kinda, sorta A-M-A(hold the note in high octave)-Z-I-N-G.  My family came over for dinner.

And drinks.

David used the sous vide method to cook his meat this year...in an igloo! It was juicy from edge to edge.

All hail dinner rolls made from scratch.  Thank you for rising for my family.

Sugary leftovers to last a week.

Cousins got crafty.

Santa got cookies.

New galactic addition to our tree.

David and his sis got Etsy this year.

Christmas morning is the best sight to see.

Door-to-door caroling.

The only one singing out of tune was me.

Choral finale at Karen and Rex's home.

Making spirits bright.

They make our neighborhood spectacular.

My sis-n-law came to stay with us for twelve days.  In between rainy days and round-the-clock, longing appetites...

We did achieve some low impact movement.

Encountered extreme obstacles while hiking.

Time away from school always brings them closer together.

Pickles doesn't mind the full-time company.

The Huis travel to old L.A.

Historical Olvera Street.

Charming little tchotchkes.

World famous taquitos since 1934.

Coin toss wishes.

Fatigue sets in for the middle child.

Sat this one out at Union Station.

Anna has so much energy for my kids...which makes her a great Auntie.

A new playground right in the middle of the arts district.  Bravo Recreation & Parks, bravo.

Life imitates art.

Downtown wall crawl.

Universal City Walk.

NYE's dinner and a movie (ROGUE ONE!!).

Pitter pattering in the rain.

Then more kisses and food undertaking via Ktown.

Playing house.

Comfortable silence with new friends.

Public transit...

To levitated leaves.

Afternoon tea.

They passed in all areas of social graces.

Oysters after outlet shopping.

I have a selfie stick guys!! Thanks Anna!!!!!

...And that's a wrap!

Happy New Year...may you gain more passion and purpose with all that this wonderful life has to offer.

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