May 26, 2017


...or flash back Friday to two years ago when I conducted one of my infamous back door photo seshes.  

Presley used to give me the most back lash because he couldn't stand posing for pictures.  I don't blame him.  It's tormenting for all parties involved.  But I've taught them that suffering together helps the greater good of preserving memories.  

He seemed to follow the same pattern of emotions laid out in ten phases without fail - every time.  

Phase 1: The Almighty Attitude

Phase 2: Emotional Distress

Phase 3: Internal Hissy Fit

Phase 4: Deranged Psyche

Phase 5: Patronizing Eyes (to the left)

 Phase 6: Patronizing Eyes (to the right)

Phase 7: Trigger Distractions

Phase 8: The Walk Off

Phase 9: Simulated Smirk

Final phase: Natural Grin

Now that he styles his hair and grown a few adult teeth, he's been more confident and cooperative lately.  He mostly gives me Phase 9 now...but I'll take it.

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