August 06, 2009

Field of Dreams Part 2

This season David built me a beautiful planter in hopes that my Field of Dreams would have better luck surviving the scorching heat and pesky little critters than soiled in the ground like last season We planted cherry tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber, parsley, basil, rosemary, and cilantro. It started out fine and delicate:

We have loved and tended to this garden everyday, watering, pruning, and even talking. The garden grew hearty and strong forcing us to insert cages and rearrange some of the plants for optimal sun exposure:

Today we cheered and celebrated witnessing a very special red ripened cherry tomato:

Truman had the honor of trying the very first pick off the tomato vine. He gave it a thumbs up and said it was very sweet & juicy:

I guess Truman only likes the home grown kind because he has never liked tomatoes before today. I'm feeling hopeful and aiming high for next season to grow bigger and more bountiful. I better tell David to buy more wood for next season. I'm still trying to convince him we should plant fruit trees in the backyard even after he keeps on saying there's no room. What he doesn't know is there have been some peach seeds mysteriously being buried underground.

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