November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend

Lots to be thankful for this year. But here are the top 4, one for each day of the Thanksgiving weekend. On the eve, I felt grateful for my Kitchen Aid Mixer that made delicious pumpkin bread. I love it not just for its ease and efficiency but its constant reminder that had I not put it on my wedding registry 7 years ago I may not have nights like this baking with my children, even with harmonica music playing in the background:

It was so yummy I even made Jade one to thank her for hosting dinner (another thing to be grateful for):

On Thanksgiving day I was grateful to still have my Dad around to see me become a wife and watch me raise my children as my Mom never had the chance. Under much success and hardships he tried to fill our lives with experiences and opportunities that most kids only dream of. His love for Jade, Felix, and I has only made me want to follow in his footsteps to becoming the best parent I can:

On the 3rd day of Thanksgiving I am grateful for good friends who invite my kids to birthday parties to let them experience things for the 1st bowling!:

Last but not least, this little girl who came into our lives and changed our family forever. Portia is healthy, beautiful, and a reminder that I'm so glad we decided to have a #3 even if she was a planned oopsie:

It was the best 4 day Thanksgiving weekend thus far.

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  1. I haven't checked blogs or done blogs for tooo long, and I missed out, your kids are all so adorable, you are a super mom, congrats on the baby weight loss too, hope we get to see you all some time this year!


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