June 23, 2013

This week in pictures | June 17 - June 23, 2013

Good morning my pretties:

Big buns make me smile:

Best puppet show by Swazzle.  The Muppets who:

I exercised.  It's true. No joke. Walked one mile:

Then looked both ways and watched for ducks before crossing:

I love gazing at Portia's profile:

Snap out of it.  Kept on moving:

Stopped again.  Rested.  Saw one swan, two blue fish, and counted ducks:

Walked a total of two miles'ish.  Like I said, it's true.  No joke:

Help yourself to cake because it's summer:

or build s'mores for its warm, oozy, gooey, yumminess:

Splash pad gone wild:

Happy robots on a Friday:

or rainbows and ice cream cones any day:

Hoping they always come back:

Signs are all around us:

Working on this everyday:

Old-school boyhood friends picking up where they left off:

and Monsters U's wood shop class at Lowe's:

Monsters University chest

Happy summer solstice weekend!

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