July 14, 2013

This week in pictures | July 8-14, 2013

Potty training station set up, check.  Potty training status, in progress:

Mikey Palacios + Joanna's pretty red pedis:

David worked* from home.  That's eight days (not including weekends!) of having him all to ourselves.  *Work consisted of making me breakfast:

and washing all the slip covers on the couch:

He found me a Banh Mi shop in Canoga Park.  I was sadly underwhelmed but I love him for his eager to please:

Wait! There's more.  David even braved an indoor playground by taking the kids to Giggles n' Thugs.  We put together a mishmosh of pirate garb for "Come dress in pirate...for free all day play":

It was time to party:

We went from calm and cuddly:

mad and delirious:

to bored and sleepy:

Then he surprised the kids by taking them to Legoland, our "happiest place on earth":


David is a big Legoland kid:

The anticipation was over in experiencing everything Star Wars:

Truman and Presley practiced role playing with the character meet & greets and Lego statues:

I'm still scared of kiddie rides:

After 10 hours of brick mania, it was time to leave:

to make it back the next morning to watch ye silly scallywags perform:

I caught up on a weeks worth of General Hospital while David drove the boys to golf lessons:

and on Saturday while my tresses were being pampered he took all the kids to Lowe's for their Toy Story pizza planet truck workshop.  Isn't he amazing:

It doesn't stop there.  David woke up early to make Truman's favorite Belgium waffle and bacon birthday breakfast.  He was all smiles on his 7th birthday:

We asked him where he wanted to have his birthday dinner:

 Do we need to ask why:

Cheesecake makes us all giddy, wiggly, and giggly:

Happy Birthday to my gifted, complicated, strong-willed, goofy, sensitive, super memory freak'n, golfing Lego geek:

and happy stay-at-home dad week to David who exerts all his energy, sweat, and brain cells on me and the kids.  I love you over and over, forever and ever.

Happy make-some-wishes weekend!

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