August 25, 2013

This week in pictures | Aug 19-Aug 25, 2013

Brown Bear,
Brown Bear,
What Do You See?

Early morning light:

B is for blue crayon:

David thinks dogs bathing in curry is creepy:

edible crafts

What about piggy head dunked in mud?

edible crafts

Walking to school:

Someones fallen hero:

Me and Portia:

Loving my hair full of body and curls.  Thanks Katrina

Date night with David at Ramen by omae.  The kids tagged along:

Ramen by omae

David is a ramenoodie (I came up with that word).  An aficionado of ramen.  A slurping enthusiast:

Ramen by omae

Feel better.  See you in three weeks:

Pasha de Cartier

Want to freeze every last drop of summer? Make homemade fruity patootie popsicles...yum:

Homemade fruit popsicles

David doing TV surgery:

Celebrated my Dad's birthday tonight:

Still feeling like the baby of the family when I'm around him.  Will it ever go away?

Happy last weekend of August!

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  1. Love those pictures, especially those ones with your dad, thanks for sharing your beautiful life!


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