September 22, 2013

This week in pictures | Sept 16-Sept 22, 2013

Still reminiscing about our seaside staycation:  

Balboa Island

Our new Simmons bring new meaning to deep sleep.  Now if I could only get to bed earlier...

Simmons Beautyrest

I'd take a box of moon cakes over a box of chocolates any day:


Canoodling with David under the moon on Mid-Harvest Festival:

Mid-Harvest Festival

Beef and I.  We never get along which is why I was in total shock when my tri-tip roast came out a PERFECT medium rare.  There is a first time for everything:

Tri-Tip Roast

Now...chicken kabobs.  A different story.  We go waaaaaayyyyy back:

Persian chicken kabobs

I love Fridays! Family night at ROC.  "Mama, there's jellyfish on the ceiling!"

ROC, sawtelle

Haircut(e) that's kick ass:

Missed you.  I hate how material things have the power to make you feel SO MONEY:

Cartier Pasha watch

Cousins playing is one of life's great joys:

My favorite Mommy/daughter photo.  I want to remember Portia just like this.  Sweet, small, and curious:

Baby shower craft that sent my ovaries aching into overdrive:

Baby shower craft

For baby Viggo.  Can't wait to meet him:

Decorated onesie

Fall equinox is upon us.  "Where should we put the pumpkins this year, Mama?":

Fall equinox

One of the best things about seeing childhood friends is their Mom always feeds you and sends you off with food to last for days.  Thank you Mrs. Lopez!!

Autumn calls for clean closets.  Early stages of my giveaway pile:

Consuming enough calories at Pieology in hopes I won't get hungry while juicing tomorrow:


Nothing sweeter than yogurt to kick off the fall season:


Happy, Autumn is officially here, weekend!

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