September 08, 2013

This week in pictures | Sept 2-Sept 8, 2013

It's all about my post-summer DIET this week.  2 raw juice meals + 1 non-sensible-size dinner + dessert = less 3 pounds in 6 days.

This pathetic journey of finding the balance to eating right, feeling healthy, loosing weight, and doing all of this while PMS-ing was a test of how long I could starve myself.  And function without spaghetti.

Here we go! On my way to Whole Paycheck.  Feeling good.  I'm about to do this.  I'm radiating from within:

Let's see.  Eeny, meeny, miny, moe:

Raw juice bar menu

This store is perfect for kids.  There is nothing they really want:

Raw juice bar

Two is better than one:

Hours later.  Migraine sets in.  Neck pain pinches.  Pop some Tylenol.

Dinner! Yes, I'm famished! No seconds allowed.  Pack as much food as I can onto one plate:

Grilled chicken

Let's do this! Back at Whole Paycheck when I notice chocolate danishes next to the juice bar.  Eeeeevil:

Whole Food Market

I'm so hungry.  Raw meat starts to look appealing:

Ginger pulled pork

Ginger pulled pork in the crock pot permeating through the house.  This doesn't help my hunger strike.

I'm not the only one on a hunger strike.  No melons allowed:

I'm slowly deteriorating.  Throbbing headache reappears.  Neck pain persists.  Pop some more Tylenol.

I plate my ginger pulled pork lettuce wraps for dinner.  I start eating without the kids.  I eat six wraps while gazing at their yummy WHITE sliders.  Folded palm on cheek.  Long sigh:

Never start a juice diet when your kids have back-to-back doctor appointments.  "When is the doctor coming?"

"How much longer?"

Simon says, "Just sleep".  PLEEEEEASE.  Mommy is hungry and your constant whining is not helping:

I stop thinking about food after seeing these two.  They are my saving grace of the day:

Pizza night! I know, I know.  Not healthy.  A dose of calories was essential in curing a dizzy spell.  The best thing about pizza? It's the most perfect food for sharing. Everyone gets what they want:

National Cheese Day

The kids pineapple/pepperoni on one side and my eggplant parmigiana, tomato, basil fix on the other at Mulberry Street Pizza.  We found out it is was National Cheese Day.  Food holidays are ANNOYING but tonight I was rejoicing!

Feeling stuffed never felt SO good.

Not sure yet if green is my color:

Looky there.  This is raid the pantry and pull out everything you have in the fridge salad.  Grilled chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, garbanzo beans, and mixed greens.  This still left me wanting more:

TGIF! David and I found a new place that serves homemade, fresh filled taro, red bean, and sesame seed steamed west L.A! It's about time.  Amazingly, authentically Chinese! I'm so deserving of this:


It's Saturday.  I decide to eat than sip for lunch.  I made Turkey gyros! Can you tell which one is Davids and which one is mine? Folded palm on cheek.  REALLY long sigh:

Turkey Gyros

No more headaches or neck pains.  I'm feeling strong and ready to start worshiping the juice Gods again when David had gone and done this for Sunday breakfast:

Belgium waffle with maple syrup and bananas

Tomorrow is a new day.  I'm going to fill it with more kale, spinach, grass, and other healthy crap that fits into a blender.  I'm sipping my way back into my crop tops and skinny jeans!

Hope you had a LOVELY and ROCK'N FULL weekend!

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