September 29, 2013

This week in pictures | Sept 23-Sept 29, 2013

Fall is officially here:

I'm constantly trying to improve my Persian cooking because I'm a tah-dig-stew-kabob-rice-kind-of-fanatic.  I bought some crispy Persian cucumbers to make Must-O-Khiar this week!

"I wish I was older than Truman":

Can't wait to see how his school picture turns out.  He didn't take off his bow tie ALL day.  Not even for P.E.  That's my boy:

I always look forward to my standing Thursday date with Bubba:

"What do you want for lunch Presley?"

"I want turkey, salami, cheese, chips, crackers, and no bread Mama!" I surprised him with tomatoes!

"What do you want to do today Presley?"

"We can go to the library to check out books Mama."

Oxblood + mary janes = match made in Fall heaven:

Just what every girl needs...a new haircut and PINK boots keeper.  Thanks babe!

We had my nephews for the weekend.  That means FIVE times the fun.  FIVE kid meals:

FIVE mini yogurts and their customized toppings:


and FIVE Yoda-green brick building challenges:

Yoda green bricks

to add to that headless Yoda, soon-to-be 8 foot tall behind Jackson and mini Yoda:

Yoda building event


Taking a break while my Dad does all the heavy lifting:

Sometimes you need a reminder that you're the best at something:

Here's your lesson plan for the week ahead.  Mid-term is on Saturday:

Happy weekend!

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