October 20, 2013

This week in pictures | Oct 14-Oct 20, 2013


Head protection against brain freeze:

Groovy Spoon yogurt

Vertical sun stripes:

Diagonal sun stripes:

Good morning America:

Aaaaand...they're off:

For us:

Halloween Pocky

For them.  "You always have to be the house with the good/brand name/expensive candy.  So kids will remember you and come back next year." Jade once said.  Looks like they won't be coming back:

Snyder of Hanover pretzels

We've been practicing the art of Look/Don't Touch shopping:

Shadows may seem closer than they appear:

We hit the pumpkin patch.  I had to get my hay ride fix:

Tapia Bros.

They put on their excited, happy pumpkin faces.  Can't you tell??

Tapia Bros.

Dried corn husks get me in the Fall mood every time:

Tapia Bros.

"This way to the hay ride, Mama!"

Tapia Bros.

What we got was a tractor pulled train ride instead.  Finally, SOME excitement from them:

Tapia Bros.

Hold on tight:

Tapia Bros.

Dirt in my ballerinas.  Dust on my new Joe Fresh jeans.  Disappointed there was no hay ride.  I do what any mother would do...put on a pretty smile.  David needs to try harder:

Tapia Bros.

Operation scary time:

BEST seat in the house sitting across Jade at Waterloo & City:

Waterloo & City

to celebrate Felix's 40th birthday at the BEST table in the house:

Waterloo & City

Happy Weekend!

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