October 13, 2013

This week in pictures | Oct 7-Oct 13, 2013

Mysterious sand in the suburbs.  A SIGN not to give up my dream of owning a vacation home in Manhattan Beach:

Tree renovation sighting:

What are you looking up at?


Wore the wrong shoes this afternoon:

Is it possible for girls to like pink and NOT want to be a princess?

Hip-hip-hooray! Set your eyes on this perfectly FLAT folded queen sheet set. A proud domestic moment from a slave-driven,stay-at-home Mom:

Old and new leaves that fell:

right after the rain:

We send them to preschool so we don't have to do this messy spaghetti sh*t at home:

My FAVORITE store bought tortilla soup with LOTS of cheddar cheese:

tortilla soup

while sitting next to me to enjoy this is my giant monkey:

This dog walker must agree that having THREE is hard work:

I've suddenly grown fond of black olives:

Making matzo balls on Friday night! She would make a Jewish boy very happy:

matzo balls

The kids got excited to see Felix.  "What's Kao Fu doing here?"

ELECTRIC!!! But first let's rewind a bit:

Pet Shop Boys Electric tour

The day began dropping Portia off at Anna's place:

So we could mark our place in line for the PET SHOP BOYS VIP meet & greet at the Shrine.  This is the boys first PSB tour.  This is my fifth and my second PSB meet & greet:

Pet Shop Boys Electric tour

I converted to Petheadism when I married David:

Pet Shop Boys Electric tour

Then the kids were pet-ba-ptized as well:

Pet Shop Boys Electric tour

PSB always brings out cool/hip guys wearing the latest fashion trends in all different eras/genres:

Pet Shop Boys Electric tour

While we were pee-in-our-pants excited, Anna texted me this picture of Portia at the park looking rather miserable:  

They were a mix of omg! and what the heck just happend! right after meeting Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe:

Pet Shop Boys Electric tour

Jason Bentley getting the party started!!

Pet Shop Boys Electric tour

Seeeee....I told you it was ELECTRIC! An amazing music, color, laser show. And lights so mesmerizing:

Pet Shop Boys Electric tour

that looked like this on row 19!

Pet Shop Boys Electric tour

The next day we all woke up after nine and David made me breakfast!

Oh! And in case you didn't see/read this, PSB featured on the Calendar's L.A. Times yesterday!!

L.A. Times Pet Shop Boys

Happy ELECTRIC weekend!

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