November 17, 2013

This week in pictures | Nov 11-Nov 17, 2013

What are these two up to now:

My hot date driving me to the movies:

Make-out session at Thor: The Dark World.  We sneak it in any chance we get when the kids are not around:

These zucchini triangles prove I may have cut potential despite my lack of knife skills:

Hello cuties! What's your name?? You remind me of...

my Israeli couscous from last night.  Round and bubbly!

Switching to a non-gmo lifestyle is challenging.  However, I found a cereal from Nature's Path that I'm SO addicted to:

Ready to be shipped overseas with all the Halloween candy donations at Operation Gratitude.  We'll write when we get there!

BIG love:

On your marks, get set, go!

Truman ran a jog-a-thon to help raise money for his school.  Proud Mama even though we argued in the morning about him wanting to run in skinny jeans!!

Graffiti on wheels:

Pork Sung Buns. didn't!!!!!!

Another banana and me morning:

I just KNOW David was half Truman/half Presley when he was a little boy:   

Rainbow Loom, youths newest fashion trend made out of rubber bands sweeping school playgrounds. I had no idea until a couple days ago.  Why am I always out of the loop? Happy 7th Birthday Ayla...enjoy!

Rainbow Loom

I'm still so in awe of everything that gets her excited:

CHIA SEEDS...the "It" food of 2013 (flax seeds was sooo last year!).  My friend Kelly got me hooked.  I have it almost every morning in my almond milk.  Now, I'm sprinkling it on salads:

and putting it in cookie dough.  Check out my mix: chopped almonds, rice krispies, chocolate chips, and of course, chia seeds:

What you get is an omega-3, high fiber, full of antioxidant chocolate chip cookie!

Chia seed chocolate chip cookie

Happy "cha cha cha chia" weekend!

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