November 24, 2013

This week in pictures | Nov 18-Nov 24, 2013

T-minus 4 days till Thanksgiving...gobble, gobble:

Nooooooooo! Picking leaf chips out of her shoes drive me nuts:

"Excuse me Mama!"

Enjoying a quinoa, beet juice, Rachael Ray, 25 minute moment before Dora the Explorer credits roll:

Kids VOLUNTEERED to dust the living room and dining room.  There were no bribes or rewards involved. Why are they so happy?? I HATE cleaning!!

I LOVE going over the hill for a night on the town.  You can take the girl out of the west side but you can't take the west side out of the girl:

It was a mid-week date to celebrate our 9 yr. anniversary.  No kids.  No interruptions.  Just David and I with Connie and Ted's oysters:

It was a Portuguese fish stew and soft shelled clams indulgence:

No luck finding pearls!

We saved the best for last! THEE $24 lobster roll that's shared 2 ways NOT 5 ways:  

Cronuts at Vons.  Bwahaha!

Cronuts at Vons

Little Chippewa eats Cheetos:

Right after the rain:

Steamed salted duck eggs on meatloaf just like my Mom used to make.  I wonder what she'd think about the ban on selling raw duck eggs.  She'd probably start fermenting her own:

Truman is a breakfast for lunch little nommer.  Chocolate chip and bacon waffle at our favorite neighborhood dive:

I think Portia has the breakfast for lunch gene too. The meeska, mooska, mickey mouse clubhouse song was stuck in my head all day:

My childhood friend Anita and her 1 year old birthday boy, cutey cheeks Elliott! She's probably my oldest friend as far as knowing me the longest.  Now we're celebrating our kids birthday's together.  She's a SUPER mom with 4 kids!

That's her brother Eddie (who had a crush on me while we were growing up!) who's a SUPER cop married to Jannah on his right who's another SUPER Mom. They have 5 kids (and sing karaoke).  That makes them a SUPER family:

Mirror mirror on the wall...she fell in love with this vanity at the party.  If only I was a nice mom she'd have one:

Truman's shadow puppet dinosaur:

Truman's shadow puppet dog:

Dinner in Little Osaka:

Little Osaka

A pretty agedashi tofu bowl that had me saying, "Ooooooooooo!":

Agedashi tofu

We went on a Marukai adventure afterwards:


It's very difficult to pick out seaweed:

Marukai seaweed

or rice when the kids shopping cart shenanigans interfere with buying decisions:

Marukai rice

They ALWAYS want to stop and look at things they're not supposed to even after my attempts to dodge the temptation aisles:

Marukai candy

When are David and I going to learn NOT TO TAKE THE KIDS TO THE MARKET!!

Happy "Thanksgiving vacation begins" weekend! Woot! Woot!

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  1. Love this! I think we all still have a crush on you!


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