November 10, 2013

This week in pictures | Nov 4-Nov 10, 2013

Chocolate and non-chocolate donation piles for Operation Gratitude. The kids gave it up willingly! 

Operation Gratitude

Leaving behind skid marks (he really thought they were his!):

I spy you:

My sis-n-law gave me this "Delicacies For Kids" cook book.  Do you think they meant Cat Paw Print Meat Roll?

What's more tacky? The shoes or its' shoe boxes?

He's growing up so fast:

White.  The holidays make me want to add color:

She blows me away:

Plucked right off the tree:

and on to the bench:

Gray jeans and mary janes.  Who wore it best? Of course, Drew did!

SWEET morning with Joanna:

MAD looks like this:

REALLY MAD looks like this...with some ass-itude:

Cheese and spinach pinwheels. They make me think of Eva and the early days of her PC parties when I was discovering motherhood:

Cheese and spinach pinwheels

I'm raising gentlemen.  Can't you tell?

The holidays bring me Weissellas.  David bought me three boxes! It's my FAVORITE cookie.  I say that about every cookie.  But I really mean it!


Fuzzy morning:

Our Halloween decorations have been replaced by:

our notes of thanks for each day of November:

Door of thanks

Happy Veterans weekend!

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