November 04, 2013

This week in pictures | Oct 28-Nov 3, 2013

Eggplant marinara and cous cous from two different dinners make one lunch meal.  I love when that happens. Leftovers are the best:

I've been parting my hair on the left-side the last couple days.  Here my lovely side-part gets photobombed:

She hates when I take pictures of her crying:

I can't help it.  It cracks me up:

The verdict is still out on who wore the best costume.  The pre-k'ers:

vs. the 2nd graders:

Time to sharpen the knives:

and roll up your sleeves:

It's still up for discussion on who carved the best pumpkins.  David's two:

or my THREE:

Even when he's carving pumpkins he has a button-down shirt on.  Now that's carving-in-style!

Mummy meatloaf was a bust.  But the kids thought it was delicious:

Whodunit? It was a he said/she said incident:

David turned 40!! How'd we celebrate? TWO date nights, TWO nights in a row.  That's how!!

Our first night was a gorgeous, perfect, weathered evening in Silverlake. Are we really in November??

We dined alfresco at L & E Oyster Bar:

It feels like ages ago when I traded in cigarette slicks for crayon sticks:

David thinks I take too many pictures of my shoes.  Do I??

When we arrived to pick up the kids at Anna's, they surprised him with a homemade birthday cake and some crafty cards:

It was the cutest thing ever:

Crack of dawn bagel run this morning.  He's still wearing his pajama shirt underneath his jacket!

David's 40th birthday breakfast looked something like this:

Accompanied with the Black Velvet brew which we bought at Lamill last night!

Truman helped me make the cream cheese frosting for David's banana birthday cake.  "Mama, are we going to put the snow balls in there too?"

I found these chocolate covered frozen banana slice toppers at Trader Joes that were perfect!

Candle lit table.  Coldplay playing in the background. Sake shots. Sushi at Sugarfish.  All the ingredients you need for a perfect (second) date night with a hot guy.  I'm such a lucky girl!!

Happy "David's 40th birthday" weekend!

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